Opeongo Shares “tragedy”

Opeongo is the moniker of 28-year-old singer-songwriter Keegan Trumpour from Midland, ON. After releasing Miasma in October 2019, Opeongo’s sophomore follow-up, we’ll all go with (the-will-o’-the-wisp), is set for release in spring 2022.

New single, “tragedy,” is the first track that producer Aaron Goldstein and Trumpour recorded for the forthcoming album. The song’s subject matter deals with the shameful ways of Canada and its history and Trumpour’s own place within both this country and its past. All at once, he felt humbled by the beauty of this country and its land, and astonished and ashamed by our repeated wrongdoings against those whose land we have stolen, those whose culture we have tried to erase, and those whose people we have abused and murdered. 


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