Josh Ramsay Unveils New Single “Best of Me”

Josh Ramsay is ready for his foray into his solo music career. The Marianas Trench frontman indulged himself during isolation by writing songs in as many different genres as possible. 

The new single is “Best of Me,” a country song featuring the Canadian country singer, Dallas Smith. “The challenging part for me was that I don’t sound like a country singer…” said Ramsay. “I went back and did it over and over, trying to get it to a place that felt country but still felt authentically like me.”

While the song might initially come off as angsty, but at its heart, it’s really about having hope that your hesitancy about not being able to move on from your relationship might mean that there could be some unresolved feelings there. 

“Before we got married, there was a time when my wife and I were split up,” said Ramsay. “I felt like I couldn’t successfully be with anyone else because the best parts of me were still wrapped up in her. This proved to be very true for both of us – and we got back together and got married in the end.”


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