Victory Chimes Debut “Holiday”

Jeff Louch started his own band in 2008, Victory Chimes, after many years of playing with various Montreal rock bands.

A new album, When the Fog Rolls In, arrives on May 20th and goes down the rabbit hole of psych synth layers, sub bass drones, hypnotic hip hop drums. Inspired by solitude, lyrical colouring spans across the spectrum from the macabre to blissful fantasy, and styles stretch from narrative to stream of consciousness to absurdity. 

The characters in the single “Holiday” are isolated and in search of connection online. It’s a satirical narration of two friends going on a holiday together whose situations take a turn for the worse with quite a dark but hopefully humorous ending. “I wanted to juxtapose the apocalyptic events with a light kind of ‘50s psych beach vibe,” Jeff adds.

Stream + share “Holiday” now:


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