Teen Idle Spices Things Up with “Burning”

TeenIdle is the indie rock music project of 24-year-old NJ-based songwriter Sara Abdelbarry. Growing up miles away from the vibrant music scene of Asbury Park, she was inspired to start writing her own music in high school while taking classes at local music school Lakehouse Music Academy. 

TeenIdle shares of the track:

“Burning” was written in Sara’s last year of college about an unrequited crush. It’s entirely self-crafted: Sara recorded the song in her basement studio, played all the instruments (except the drums, which a friend recorded elsewhere), wrote the song, and produced it alone. The song is mixed by Andy Schichter and mastered by Kramer (Low, Galaxie 500, Daniel Johnston, producer of Pulp Fiction soundtrack).”

TeenIdle began as Sara’s creative outlet during her senior year of college in New York City, as she was finishing up a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She started taking songwriting very seriously and uploading self-recorded songs to Bandcamp that spanned a variety of genres, from lo-fi bedroom rock to classical piano. Influenced by so many things, including the idiosyncratic production of Lindsey Buckingham and the nostalgia and romantic nature of the Arab artistic tradition she grew up around in an Egyptian family, Sara’s music combines pop sensibility with a grittiness and cinematic tendency. The music of TeenIdle also contains undertones of both NY and NJ: the upbeat, gritty nature of New York City life mixed with the breeziness and spaciousness of life on the Jersey Shore.


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