The Trampoline Delay “Don’t Let Go” with New Video

For The Trampoline Delay, the stage name of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Pete Marino, time away from the daily grind has given life to an album’s worth of eclectic indie rock; a chance for one artist to unpack life’s ups, downs, death, health and even fucked-up relationships. 

His upcoming release, “Don’t Let Go,” is about walking that fine line between desire and being faithful. It tells the story of two people on the cusp of a relationship that just can’t be.

Originally conceptualized as a rock love song, “Don’t Let Go” morphed as Marino wrote, delving into the struggles of relationships, lust, and temptations. This harmonious track is guitar driven and melodic, despite its darker undertones.

Listen for the track’s climax, heightened by the refrain “I’m walkin’, I’m walkin’, I’m walking a high wire” and a guitar solo that grapples with the chaos of the protagonist’s decision.


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