Nurdjana Reveals “What if I love you”

Nurdjana is a Canadian vocalist who was born and raised in the Netherlands. She’s been immersed in music ever since as a little girl she tagged along with her dad Rob de Rijcke. He was a singer/songwriter and guitarist, so when Nurdjana started singing it was only natural to start making music together.

Rob was a composer of dreamy songs full of love and sadness. Nurdjana is a true advocate of her father’s music and after taking a break from singing when he passed away, she is back full force; determined to put her dad’s music back in the spotlight. Her sound has been described as delicate, yet soulful and jazzy. Her first EP, Coming Home, will be released on May 10th. All songs are written either by Rob or by the duo of father and daughter, some completed by Nurdjana after he passed away. 

“What if I love you” is available now, a moving song about the back and forth in a relationship. “You’re one foot out the door but you keep trying because you know that if you can make it work, it will feel weightless, like the best thing you’ve ever experienced,” Nurdjana explains.


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