Ura Star & Fireball Kid Come Alive on New Release

Over the past decade, Ura Star & Fireball Kid have grown alongside each other as artists, splitting away from their Polaris long-listed indie rock roots with punk project Stegosaurus and other East Coast Canadian rock outfits to pursue their own brand of pop music.

Now working in Montreal, the duo uses starry-eyed dance music to spotlight vulnerability between friends, kindred maritime party values, frantic emotional dispatches via voicemail, and the ways in which weekend night celebrations tie it all together.

Homesick/Heartsick,” taken from their sparkling new album, Emotional Bros Hotline, was written as both Ura Star and Fireball Kid were simultaneously hitting different types of crossroads in their lives that connected them to various forms of longing.

Dance inflected, melodic, and saccharine, “Homesick/Heartsick” juxtaposes the feeling of returning home while reminiscing on what’s happened in your life versus the feeling of leaving home enthralled by and anxious for what might happen next. 


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