Sham Family’s Debut EP Makes them One to Watch

Toronto punk-rock quartet Sham Family’s eponymous debut EP is slated for release on Friday January 21st and marks the first outside release on Born Ruffians’ intriguing Wavy Haze Records. The four tracks are a handful of “hundreds and hundreds” of demos that lived long enough to pass as Sham Family songs worthy of inclusion.

This project has always kind of been my baby that I was always working on because I always needed to be working on some sort of music when I wasn’t working in other bands, and it’s gone through so many stages of its life. It started as just a four-track cassette-recorder wall-of-noise shoegaze project. Then it was gonna be this industrial-noise side-project thing that I just could not wait to unleash upon the world. – frontman Kory Ross

The EP’s latest single, “Plaque Protection,” was written about corporations exploiting certain communities for personal gain – to market themselves with symbols of allyship while running business practices and standards that discriminate against those same communities.


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