Kodiak Arcade Unveils “Why Pretend”

Kodiak Arcade is a passion project where lifelong television composer, Graeme Cornies, is reversing the usual process. Instead of writing music for pictures, he is creating visual art posted to Instagram, Twitter and YouTube depicting the feelings and mental states of his music. 

His latest single “Why Pretend” is about the moment we acknowledge when a relationship is coming to a conclusion instead of pretending everything is fine, so that both people can begin a new chapter on separate paths. Graeme adds, “Sometimes we grow in different directions. Sometimes we get caught in a loop of wondering “if I had just… would they have… could it have all turned out differently?” and other unanswerable questions.” 

Visually, this project is a means of exploring the forefront of AI / human collaboration with generative art. Musically, he engages new musical palette ideas and expands on orchestration ideas, often with his network of talented instrumental collaborators. 


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