Felly Releases Cinematic “Fresh Water” Music Video + Announces New Tour

Trailblazing rapper, singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer, Felly, releases a vivid visual that peacefully takes us to the beginning of time for his track “Fresh Water.” The cinematic music video is off of Felly’s newest album, Young Fel 2.

Explaining the vision, Felly states “with Fresh Water the intention was to reflect on millenniums of the human struggle. I was thinking a lot about the BC era, the Bible, the root of evil, the wonder of salvation, religion in general. The song has a lot to do with that as well. There’s religious references and some occult stuff. Sort of like a collage of the shit that you’ve been taught, they shit that you’ve been warned about, a blend of all the things that influence our search for….anything.

He continues, “the video has this religious imagery to it I think mostly because that’s what I’m talking about in the song. I made it after many nights of partying in Miami and just felt like there’s gotta be more than this, in a sense. I know there is...It also has to do with giving up in some sense. All this running all this searching. But the last line of the song is, “Fuck it”.”

Additionally, with support from Souly Had and Oliver Malcolm, Felly will take fans on the road from February 15th through March 23, and hit major cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix and much more – find a city near you HERE.

The tour comes in the wake of his signing with 300 Entertainment, the release of his highly-anticipated album Young Fel 2, and Felly’s inspiring and philosophical new documentary “WAVES,” available on YouTube HERE.

The documentary gives fans a never-before-seen behind-the-scenes look at Felly’s incredible, multi-dimensional story as well as the making of his newest album, Young Fel 2. The eleven and a half minute video tells the story of Felly with video footage throughout his musical career. Sharing details of Felly as a person, the video highlights sources of inspiration, including his many introspective and often philosophical thoughts, and gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his indie/hip hop/alt pop Young Fel 2 album. You can spot exciting scenes with UFC Superstar Jorge Masvidal and surging musicians like Dominic Fike (“3 Nights” – 650M), Landon Cube (“Red Roses” w/ Lil Skies – 600M), and more.

Young Fel 2 consists of fourteen masterfully-crafted songs that showcase a culmination of Felly’s signature creative rap flow, supreme lyricism, diverse and unforgettable production, and beaming energy, while also clearly displaying evolved songwriting and growth as an artist. The project and its production have influences from a variety of genres and evoke a spectrum of feelings, beginning with the laidback and vibey focus track, “Fresh Water.”

Get your tickets here: https://www.rushoftheroad.com/


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