Twin Rains Debut New Release “Unreal City”

Twin Rains are ushering in the release of Unreal City, their sophomore LP, with “All of the Angels,” a bright and danceable track about how we as people don’t really know that much.

“A situation that first appears bad might turn out favorably, and conversely, a situation that starts out great might eventually ruin you. You don’t get to know how it pans out,” the band explains.

The synths and vocals of this song float along dreamily, while the beat and guitars are infectiously feel-good.

Album title, Unreal City, refers not necessarily to a physical place, but to a state of consciousness. If you’ve ever deluded yourself to avoid unpleasant facts or spent any time fantasizing about things you only wish would come to pass, then you’ve seen the unreal city, too.


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