Nares Goe the Distance on “Boulevards”

Rachael Kross, known as Nares, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer from Niagara, ON. Her music incorporates experimental elements of various styles, including hyperpop, dream pop, electronic, country, R&B, and hardcore. Growing up in a small town — with no plans of leaving — Nares’ music comes from a place of vulnerability with an isolated state of mind, romanticising certain street corners, reminiscing about fleeting melancholic romance, and having to live with ghosts of the past.

In the midst of trying to figure out your own life, you can lose track of space and time. It feels like you’re just floating through it all until reality hits you, time catches up and you realize you didn’t know what you had until it was gone. New single, “Boulevards,” captures the nostalgic feeling of sitting down with yourself after years of searching.


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