High Wasted Comes Alive on “Chuck Says”

Toronto music scene stalwarts, Paul Shepherd and Owen Marchildon, have spent the last twenty years writing songs and playing in various different bands. The addition of longtime friend and celebrated artist Val Calam was just the lift they needed to create their new project, High Wasted. Together they blend simple punk tones and exploratory lyrics that push towards a velvet induced frame of mind. 
Their latest single, titled “Chuck Says,is a grim reenactment of the working relationship between Linda Lovelace and her suitcase pimp husband, Chuck Traynor. High Wasted showcases their knack for musical lyricism and dense pillars of sound, spreading strange circumstances all around.

High Wasted shares:

Chuck Says” is a reenactment of a scene from the iconic porn film, Deep Throat, starring Linda Lovelace. 

Her husband, Chuck Traynor, was a suitcase pimp – a jealous, hot headed man who controlled and capitalized on his wife’s efforts through prostitution and violence.  

On the set of Deep Throat, Chuck was driven nuts by the mutual attraction between Linda and her co-star, Harry Reems. 

As the cameras rolled, it has been said that Chuck could be heard screaming from the sidelines, “Linda!!! Go deep!!!” 

We really wanted to make “Chuck Says” a testament to Chuck’s pervasive stance of control and his endless insecurities regarding Linda’s stardom. 

Chuck Says” is a grim and grungy open tuned song that riffs in an Open C of filthiness. It will swallow you whole.

We invite you to listen and enter into the strange decade of sleazy sexual expression and the sunken guts of the American Dream that ooze into the world of this song.


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