Midnight Nightmare Release New Single & Video for “Fear & Apathy”

Midnight Nightmare is back at it again with their heavy-hitting new single and video “Fear & Apathy,” which will strike you to your very core. The track is taken off their latest release Corrosive Hate EP/Remix Album.

“This song is simply about the horrors and bleakness of living in a dying world. A world where you feel alienated from and have apathy for any hope of change or restoration, progress, or belonging.” – Midnight Nightmare

Midnight Nightmare is an industrial metal group created by Angel Nightmare that originated in Atlanta, Georgia, and now hails from Los Angeles, California. With the new iteration of the band, they have brought to life a heavier sound that brings in elements of black metal, death metal, and deathcore. Alongside these elements that bring in infectious industrial electronic synthesizers, brooding strings, and choirs which help to set the backdrop for their music as a whole. Midnight Nightmare also brings a ferocious performance, with eye-catching horror influenced aesthetics, and diehard, dedicated fans to each and every show.

For fans of Dir en grey, Motionless in White, 3teeth Youth Code, Dawn of Ashes (Krock & Angel are also in this band), Cradle of Filth, Ghostemane, Poppy,  Nine Inch Nails, The Browning, Rammstein, Ministry, Code Orange and Combichrist, Midnight Nightmare will not disappoint for your Metal cravings.

“Fear & Apathy,” was composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Angel Nightmare. The video was directed by Eric A Zimmerman and Angel Nightmare. It was edited by Zimmerman who also did the cinematography alongside Angela Izzo. The accompanying video reveals the essence of the band bringing enticing imagery which carries throughout. The group does most of their own props and set design, and makeup for each show and video. Zimmerman was also the director for Nine Inch Nails “Down In It” & “Head Like a Hole” music videos.

Midnight Nightmare’s “Fear & Apathy” is out December 5, 2021, and dive into their new album Corrosive Hate EP/Remix Album out now via Spotify.

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