Christian Parker Debuts Gorgeous New Video for “Every Passing Mile”

Christian Parker comes alive with “Every Passing Mile,” the most recent release for the artist this year from his forthcoming album of the same name. While he started writing it as a road song, it became an allegory about an addiction and a vision of a woman a traveler sees as he passes every coming mile.

Watch “Every Passing Mile” here:

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Christian Parker says this of “Every Passing Mile”:

It started out as an American road song, but Every Passing Mile ended up telling a very different story.  As it weaves through a haunting soundscape of minor chords and swirling harmonies, and images of man “counting wires and poles along the pine”, the tale begins to come into focus: a man forced onto the road, driven by a sense of desire he can’t escape. As he brings us into the chorus by stating “I see her with every passing mile”, the title’s music video introduces an evocative “woman in white”, a figure which follows him throughout his journey.

In equal measures of melodic color and rhythmic flair, Christian’s dazzling collection of songs have been warming the hearts of listeners over the past 3 and a half decades. By pivoting his lyricism around emotion, tension, and hope, Parker has carved out a sound that constantly keeps the listener craving more, with songs that elegantly weave through a tapestry of pensive acoustic and chiming electric guitars with unforgettable hooks. Acting as a musically minded watchman on the wall, Christian Parker centers the themes and stories of his productions around the events and stories of others, while also honing in his wordplay around the human condition. He speaks to the trials, tribulations and victories we encounter in everyday life, and to the complexities of relationships, whether in the form of loss or appreciation.

In recent years he has worked with producer Louie Hurwitz; Woodstock Records who most notably performed in The Band with Levon Helm. Christian’s efforts as lead guitarist in the Waydown Wailers helped take their 2018 release of Backland Blues to number 42 on The Roots Music Report. The band has been a supporting act for Lady A, Charlie Daniels, Jarrod Niemann, and The New Riders of the Purple Sage – to name a few. Now an artist on SubCat Records, Christian is co-producing with engineer Ron Keck on his newest project Every Passing Mile and Best Kept Secret, a collection of previously unreleased material spanning the last two decades.


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