VHS Collection Come Together with “Space Between Us”

The three friends at the heart of VHS Collection – James Bohannon, Conor Cook, and Nils Vanderlip (multi-instrumentalist and producer) – grew up together in New York City and formed the band in 2015 as a side project while working other jobs, merging modern and nostalgic aesthetics to create their now-signature heart-pumping, arena-ready synth rock and alt-pop. 

Night Drive, the trio’s upcoming album, captures the spirit of that titular activity: its liminality, its kinetic excitement, its intoxicating potential and power, its hope and mystery. “Space Between Us,” the latest single to be shared from the LP, is about longing for true connection. It’s about the desire to put aside the trivial things in life and be at peace with the one you love. 

With a slice of U2-style guitars and pop-goes-new wave groove, VHS Collection evoke the vibes of a classic love song.


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