Ellyn Woods and BAILE Come Alive with Epic Single “Follow”

Multi-disciplinary artist Ellyn Woods based in Montréal creates raw and vulnerable material that connects with audiences and fellow artists alike. Her art and music are a direct reflection of her love for nature and all things organic. 

Woods’ ability to effortlessly weave personal experiences into her music, combined with her soft voice and songwriting instinct, blossomed into a new collaboration with BAILE. “Follow” consists of a couple layers of pads, some sampled piano and an 808 bass sitting atop some heavy-hitting percussion. 

“Without faith – there is no hope, just trying to find my way home. This idea of coming home to yourself after losing yourself in a world of disillusionment. The point when you realize everything you need is already within yourself. Letting go of all that isn’t you, to rediscover who you are.” – Ellyn Woods


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