Dilettante Shares Intricate New Track “Bonnie”

Dilettante, meaning “amateur of the arts,” is the semi-deadly-serious moniker of a quintet that reflects like a seasoned collective, only to laugh like absolute beginners. 

The five piece’s aptly-titled new single “Bonnie” was inspired by a fleeting romantic interest of bandleader Natalie Panacci, who unknowingly wrote the opening lines when revealing, “Bonnie, you’re a work of art. You’re a wild card. You’re a dreamboat into my heart.” 

Their self-titled debut effort arrives May 2022, a modulated cabaret that tests how wryly powerful pop can be. Bittersweet throwback bops create technicolour characters that shake and glimmer like the last sequin clinging to an attic-bound jumpsuit; then, thumping ballads croon and cry like dancing slowly, alone in the spotlight with all of your closest friends. Expect fantastic double harmonies, pulsing bongos, rolling low-end, and show-thieving synth leads. 


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