MYLA Shares New Single + Video for “Unrequited Love”

Celebrated vocalist and performer MYLA (aka Jennifer Budd) is dedicated to telling deeply personal stories through her music. 2021 brought many changes for the Hamilton, ON success story, starting with changing her artist name to MYLA to reflect the romantic nature of the music she creates. The future is wide open for MYLA to tell her stories and connect deeply with her audience. 

New single, “Unrequited Love,” is about feeling led on by someone who sees you as “just a friend.” The love you have is not mutual, and yet not discouraged. First learning of unrequited love back while reading Romeo and Juliet in high school, MYLA often wondered about the story of Romeo’s unrequited love, Rosaline, at the beginning of the play and found herself dreaming of her side of the story. Some love stories have a Romeo, a Juliet, and a Rosaline. Just turns out some of us are often cast as the latter.


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