Ian Lake Delivers a True Gift with “The Bottom”

Even when you’re at your lowest point, sitting in the agony of regret, there is something humbling about it; you can still be grateful to know how deeply you are able to feel, and almost marvel at it all. I felt alive  in my sorrow, and powerful knowing that I could experience such depths of agony. It was all magnified by the fact that I had no outside contact, and I tried to turn my pain into something beautiful. 

A storyteller at his core, Ian Lake’s true gift is connecting people through the unifying bond of our shared human experience. Powerful, textured vocals and brutally honest lyrics, set to catchy pop melodies, give Lake’s songwriting immediate impact, and leave a lasting impression. 

Lead single “The Bottom” is an entry point to a story about leaning into the pain of heartbreak. About being grateful, despite the agony, that you can feel something so deeply. Upcoming debut album, What It Is, finds him on a journey from fragile vulnerability to courage and resolve. Lake writes about loss and hope, yearning and regret, and ultimately, the strength that comes from acceptance. 

Ian Lake Shares: Well, last year was a mess to say the least. Amidst all the isolation and uncertainty, as I was struggling to find my self esteem, I met someone special, who I thought was the person I’d been waiting for. But between my own demons and the mixed messages I was receiving, I convinced myself that she would hurt me, so I ended things, ultimately hurting myself all the more deeply in the process, and never giving myself a chance to find out what might have been. What ensued was a dark chapter of pain, regret, and ultimately acceptance, which got processed through my piano.. That was the starting point for the creation of my debut album What It Is, and “The Bottom” which I’m pleased to share with you.

The official music video is available to watch now on YouTube, exploring the idea that The Bottom exists after destruction and before renewal. We tell that story through Toronto’s evolving landscape, shooting the performance around demolition and construction sites to tell a poetic interpretation of rebuilding. 

All streaming links: https://lnk.to/thebottomsingle


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