Darling Congress Brings Vibrant Track “Your Dog Don’t Like You”

Darling Congress is a band that should have never existed. What began as a reclusive solo project from Teenage Kicks founder, Peter van Helvoort, quickly grew into a collaboration among friends and trusted allies in the strangest of times.

The band’s new single, “Your Dog Don’t Like You,” is a slice of heartland rock with a poppier side. Sunflowers and dogs are cut from the same cloth, meant to represent devotion, admiration, and faithfulness. At the time, the dog that sparked this whole song was severely lacking in all three qualities, so dying sunflowers were used in this song’s visual.

Lyrically, “Your Dog Don’t Like You” explores how we can go to war with people our whole lives just to avoid having to admit we’re wrong. Compromise is easy on paper, yet it can be very difficult to come to in reality.


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