Many Masks Unveil Bold Single “Elevator”

Joseph Dubuc-Lavoie has that special touch. Working out of his own studio where he creates heartfelt electronic music as Many Masks, Joseph is ready to share his new album, The Elevator, with the world.

Fitting with its name, the collection of songs is something you just have to roll with. Picture an elevator with a mind of its own. The more you try to exercise control over it, the less it cooperates. The Elevator makes peace with the fact that we have no real control over the world. 

Many Masks shares:

The harder you try to control The Elevator the harder it becomes, at least in my experience. My new album out today is making peace with the fact that we have no real control over the world and the universe we reside in.

The album’s title track is about being haunted by someone from your past. 

For some reason this one person from my past has kept coming up in my dreams even though I have not talked with them in over ten years. 

I theorized that making a song about it might free me from it, but I can safely say that it did not.

She turned my heart into an elevator.

The truth is that I think my heart always was an elevator, she just made me realize it.

Thank you taking the time to listen,


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