Bazarian Unveils “Can We Pretend?”

Bazarian is the project of Armenian-Canadian artist Armen Bazarian. His rich scope of sonic endeavors, from singing in choirs to composing for TV and film, has shaped his unique sound; where the worlds of pop production and dance sensibilities sit in harmony with one another.

Can We Pretend?” his new gently nostalgic electro pop track, dissects how we can sometimes get lost in the movies we’ve made up in our heads, preferring to live in our fantasies rather than deal with reality.

Although rooted in a realist narrative, all of the characters within the fantasy that is conjured by the official video for “Can We Pretend?” share the main character’s face; a literalization of the idea of projection.

Technology has allowed us to create new possibilities. How authentic these possibilities are – and what they mean – is a question each person has to answer for themselves.


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