Robbie Vonn’s “Hopeless Memories: sounds like a soundtrack to an old Hollywood film that we all want to watch

Robbie Vonn’s “Hopeless Memories” is a remarkable collaboration that mixes the talent of artists from across the globe. Cinematic, evocative, and wickedly experimental, the three-song EP ranges from the most sonic elements of glitchy electronic textures to the purest sound of cellos and flamenco guitars. Profound and wistful reflections are evident in the lyrics of the bittersweet track “If I”, with an orchestral interlude that wouldn’t feel out of place at a theatrical performance.

Featuring yearning vocals soaring above layered melodies, the futuristic sonata “Sundown” is an aural phantasm that’ll have the listener conceptualizing a lone figure crossing a desert on Mars. Meanwhile, the melancholy Elven-like vocals in “Glowing Butterfly”, layered over a muted bass techno backbone, constructs a video game fantasy with unexpected turns throughout the song. “Hopeless Memories” and its powerful art it’s a magical ride throughout the experiences of life.

This EP not only blends electronica with the sound of smooth and sweeping strings with digital dreamscapes, but also futuristic compositions of fantasy with timeless ear candy. The EP combines the grace of the classical world with the infectiousness of the dream-pop landscape and it does so effortlessly in Hopeless Memories.

Juliet Lyons’ vocals transform this EP from a simple collection of songs by serenading the listener with such delicacy, to adding eloquence and elegance in such a particular way when she has industrial sonic sounds as her backdrop.

Vonn does a phenomenal job creating a feeling and allowing us to feel what he feels and see what he sees and does so in a way that brings us to a whole other world that we want to keep going to again and again. 


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