HotKid Unveils Seductive New Release this Fall

Guitar-driven, dream pop/psych act, HotKid, is the work of Canadian producer, songwriter, and lead guitarist, Shiloh Harrison. Her soothing vocal delivery and ability to write enduring pop songs has helped nurture a cult fan base around the globe.

The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves… is it the truth or are we the deceiver?

New album Truth or Deceiver fosters resilience and self-love, with reflective track “Mirror Mirror” reminding us that life is short. Give love to whatever is holding you back and keeping you in a dark place. Get past any fear you’re facing and seize the moment. 

The artist shares:

“The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves… is it the truth or are we the deceiver? The new HotKid album Truth or Deceiver is out now and I’m excited to share it with you

The album’s title comes from the track “Mirror Mirror” – think big beats, rhythmic vocals and rippin’ guitars. 

This song is about reconciling with ourselves..refusing to listen to those destructive voices, take that pain and love it and bring it to life in a new way.

Check out the video for Mirror Mirror on YouTube – perfect for spooky season, we shot it at night against a backdrop of gravestones and fall fair lights.

Now available via Fortune Stellar Records,Truth or Deceiver moves from a full live band sound, to bedroom pop and then winds back through a psychedelic soundscape. This record was born out of the need to process becoming a new mother, losing a family member and ultimately a determination to celebrate joy and love in this life. 

My hope is that you find something in these songs that connects, brings you some joy, fun, relief, catharsis – any of those things.”



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