Snotty Nose Rez Kids Debut New Album “Life After”

The title – No Jesus Piece – is a reference to the duo embracing their own spiritual symbols. While they respect people for having their own religions and religious symbols, for Yung Trybez and Young D, they’d rather rock their Copper Shield. The Catholic church and the government of Canada used Catholicism as a tool of annihilation of Indigenous culture, practice, teachings and ways of being. SNRK identify the connections between the importance of putting their faith in a sacred metal, copper or the ‘copper shield.’ 

The song is about SNRK, ignoring the critics around them, and betting on themselves. The duo have seen some fans of their first two albums criticizing them for embracing trap, experimenting with autotune, and developing their sound, but SNRK want to continue to evolve and they’re going to keep making the music they want to make, and put faith in themselves that the fans are going to appreciate what they continue to create. The more upbeat nature of the lyrics is a reflection of when they wrote this song. Written early in COVID times in 2020, the duo hadn’t yet dealt with everything that ultimately led them to create ‘Life After.’ No suicides, family struggles, uncovering of mass graves at residential schools, loneliness and isolation of COVID and depression.


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