custie Shares New Single“Jamie Ashland”

custie is an emerging alternative pop artist hailing from London, Ontario. His distinct sound explores genre-blurring pop, pulling influences from R&B, post-punk, and rock.

Jamie Ashland” is a character that custie developed to speak with his own voice, act on his intentions, and deal with his insecurities – just with a different face.

This heartfelt track blends acoustic and electric guitar with beguiling harmonies, speaking to a hypothetical son or daughter: “Love’s a solution thinner than blood / but it solves some problems if you’re willing to trust / and it lives with every heart that was once piled dust.”

This is advice that custie gives himself, completely rooted in his own life, lived through the foil of “Jamie Ashland” for four minutes:

“In an ideal situation, you learn to look outside of yourself, to trust, to be by somebody’s side. It doesn’t fix everything, but it definitely nourishes a part of you,” the artist explains.


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