A Timeless Surprise – Americana folk-rock from debut artist Alan Goins

Tennessee based singer and songwriter Alan Goins has just released his debut album “By The Moon”, out now! 

Alan is a folk rock Americana singer-songwriter whose songs ooze romanticism and classic folk rock. 

The song “By The Moon” from the title track of the album is a love song about what could have happened if. Reminiscent of an Irish folk love song, there is a lilting guitar melody and Goins’ vocal range reaches high notes easily and with heartfelt emotion. 

“Girl Across The Sea” is equally romantic, about love found and lost. The piano and vocal harmonies lend a richer feel. This album is both delightful and a surprise, each song carrying a story that everyone can relate to. 

Stay current with Alan Goins on his website https://alangoins.com/ and social media channel Facebook 

Listen to Alan Goin’s album “By The Moon” on Spotify and Apple Music. 


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