Tara Novak Personifies a Memory In New Video For “Can I Ever Go Home”

Classically trained violinist Tara Novak wondered what her life would be like and who she would be if she stopped playing the violin. Despite her years of training, she dropped out of college to find out who she was without music and what she found was that there was more to music than just the classical world. She discovered rock, pop, folk, and dance music and embraced them, like old friends. That’s when she started writing her own music. By doing that she found herself, saying “I write songs because it allows me to process the world I observe. Music opens our hearts and minds. Music connects us all. I hope that my music can help carry you on your journey, and that somewhere in the world, our paths and hearts will meet.”

She just released the video for her memorable and powerful song “Can I Ever Go Home.” This soft rock folk song is all about finding a ‘home’ within ourselves. She tells the story of the pull of nostalgia versus the changes we’ve made in our lives, the growth we’ve made as individuals. As much as we want to go back, it’s no longer real. 

The video is a visualization of the metaphor she sings about. She guides us through an old house and shows us how it becomes but a distant memory. She explains that “for the video, we wanted to focus on the nostalgia aspect of ‘home.’ We spent days rummaging through antique stores to find things that are symbols of home – a ring of keys, an old teacup, some jewelry. We used lots of shots of places where people spend time and have memories – the house, the barn, the hallway, the piano, the violin, the journal, etc. The video is full of remembrance – opening the door to the house, picking flowers, holding items that have personal meaning – all things that we tend to do when thinking of home. But the video is also about a journey – both literal (in the movement through the field and trees) and figurative (in the moments of thinking and the changing light/colors). It is searching for ‘home’ and ultimately realizing we have been there all along.”

“Can I Ever Go Home” is a beautiful song and the video is ripe with poetic metaphors. Both accompany each other masterfully. Tara Novak is able to personify memory in a way that nobody has thought about before. Be sure to check out the video for “Can I Ever Come Home” now and listen to the song everywhere.

Watch the video here, on Tara’s Youtube
Connect with Tara online
Listen to “Can I Ever Go Home” on Spotify, SoundCloud, and wherever else you stream music.


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