Chloe Florence Entices on New Release

Chloe Florence is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Raised in a musical family, Chloe began piano and vocal lessons at an early age and now works in a variety of creative mediums, including as a visual artist and model.

Her voice evokes the jazz and blues greats of the 1940s, a sound which Chloe has translated into music that combines R&B and pop. Her debut EP, Ego Pleaser, features the title track, a song about struggling to find the balance between the needs of one’s ego and one’s soul.

Listen to the song here:

This playfully vocal pop song follows a character that Chloe has developed for her EP who is so fearful of being vulnerable that she can not open herself up to anyone. This striking, percussive track is a key chapter in the character’s story.


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