Dan Zalles Releases a Pandemic Album, “Resting Place”

Singer Songwriter and seasoned guitarist Dan Zalles’ new album, called Resting Place, transcends all genres of music and brings to life the pain and reality of the past year during a pandemic. His eclectic direction of five types of genres in one album is one that is both inspiring and courageous. The reflection of Zalles’ thoughts on this record are easily relatable and beautifully stated. This record is Dan Zalles’ “pandemic album” and will live on forever.

Dan Zalles produced all songs on this album aside from two, one being “Silver Moon in the Sky” which was produced by Marcus Barone. This song shines bright on the album with vocals lended by a wonderfully expressive ballad singer Bernadette Conant who takes the song to a whole new level. Her vocals along with Dan’s musical talent and Barone’s production elevates this song unlike any other on the album. 

The other side of the album is the song “In Between” which is influenced by a progressive rock and fusion band from the 70s such as John McLaughlin, Jeff Beck and King Crimson. 

All the songs contain plenty of guitar riffs and melodies (Dan Zalles’ specialty) but some tracks surprise the listener with added keys too. There is ample trumpet soloing, more than Dan has done on any of his prior solo albums. 

Resting Place shows no greater passion for his music as he plays almost all of the instruments on his album. He states he has never put his instrumental tracks on the same album as his vocal tracks until now, nor has he ever combined blues tracks with other types of tracks before. 

Listen to Resting Place now, you won’t want to miss this record.

Connect with Dan Zalles here.


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