TEROUZ Unveils New Single “Big Boy Games”

Egyptian Canadian concept artist TEROUZ found his sound by curating original songs with his taste for ‘90s nostalgia and ‘70s & ‘80s electro-pop/rock elements. TEROUZ’s tracks are carefully crafted, intimate capsules – pulsing, swanky basslines backed by gleaming guitar accents flow into infectiously muscle-bound rhythms.

New single, “Big Boy Games,” is a dark twist on the wordplay that expresses epic ego wars in toxic behaviour. A darkwave, cautionary vengeance tale that dwells with its ominous and hypnotic tones into a gallery of iconic betrayals, haunting standoffs and a grand finale in an authentic retro wave bang.The accompanying music video and art, directed, edited and illustrated by TEROUZ, represent a cautiously narrated slideshow of familiar mythological and biblical imagery of body-to-body fratricides or mano-a-mano foul play.


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