Geordie Gordon Unleashes Electro-Pop “The Tower”

In March 2020, Geordie Gordon, Toronto-based mastermind behind the electro-pop force, the Magic, and key contributor to U.S. Girls and Islands, and Andy Shauf touring member, was prepping for a long tour in support of U.S. Girls’ acclaimed, Polaris Music Prize-nominated album, Heavy Light, when all plans went out the window because of the raging pandemic. With some measure of defeat pervading his heart and mind, Gordon retreated to ponder the outside world, in isolation.

His new solo LP, The Tower, is a batch of pensive songs about separation and disconnection, about bigotry and tragedy, about galvanization and hope, about love, love, love.

Gifted multi-instrumentalist Geordie Gordon inherited a familial DIY gene; the son of folk musician James Gordon and younger brother of subterranean rock music genius, Evan Gordon, he was practically raised in the family’s home recording studio, Pipe Street, where, beyond developing engineering chops, he adopted self-reliance to bring his imagination to life. Gordon can play almost any instrument he picks up, which is handy because he has a lot of thoughts that could use rad soundtracks. 


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