Rebecca Hope is on Fire with “Burn For You”

Rebecca Hope is a Canadian Songwriting Competition award-winning singer-songwriter and guitarist of Algonquin First Nations and Irish heritage.

She wrote her new track, “Burn for You,” about the danger and beauty of falling in love. She had just returned home from visiting her then-boyfriend across the country when she wrote it. A few days into the trip she had made the decision to end things as he hadn’t given her the honesty or time she deserved.

“Every time you move towards [love], you risk getting hurt,” says Rebecca. “But as I was writing ‘Burn for You,’ it hit me that falling in love and finding someone who is worth the risk of getting hurt is also incredibly beautiful.”

This melancholy folk-country song is resilient and confessional, harnessing the intensity of love’s ups and downs.

“We all deserve to see ourselves as brave for letting go and falling in love,” adds Rebecca.


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