Finer/Haggart Come to Life with ‘When I’m thinking in your mind’ LP

While Dustin Finer and Patrick Haggart make no claims regarding powers of interstellar awakening, they do boast a visionary take on saxophone and electronics.

Their symbiotic improvisations generate a single sonic output, blurring the lines of cause and effect. Classically trained, Finer’s “alarmingly proficient” (Popdose) contemporary saxophone techniques have drawn comparisons to Colin Stetson and Bendik Giske. Haggart (aka Stereo_IMG) has used his background in cinematic sound design to build a reputation in Montreal’s techno and experimental electronic scenes as a meticulous craftsman. Together the duo unravels dark, stream-of-conscious narratives as Haggart wields a chain of effects hardware to manipulate Finer’s live saxophone.

Two improvisers. One output. Full send.

Their new album is a journey of hypnotic meditations and digital terror. A voyage into our shared imaginations. An escape to unfamiliar worlds. 

Listen to the EP here:


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