Waxfeet Break Barriers with “Everything is Everything”

“Everything is Everything” is one of those lo-fi hip-hop, chilled electronica tracks that can completely change your perspective on your life in just one listen. 

Duo Damon Danielson and Patrick Brede came together in 2019 to write feel good electronica music that makes people feel positive about the world: 

“I wanted to do chill music because I fell in love with it, and it made me happy … I’m not interested in

angst. Let’s put people in a place where they can enjoy where they are and find a happy moment.” 

And its this vibe that shins through on the song. “Everything is Everything” is one of these feel good and chilled out tracks you will play on repeat. 

Waxfeet’s plan was to release the album first, and then work out what style they would bring to the live stage. However, the pandemic put a halt to such plans and now the duo are working on more tracks, meanwhile figuring out what the venue will be like for their live events. 

This track is taken from their second album, which Waxfeet have been working on since early 2021. 

Stay current with Waxfeet on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook and Instagram.  


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