Eric Punzo: A Name You’ll Remember

As someone who grew up relying on open-mic nights as the platform to share his art, 24 year old Etobicoke, Ontario based singer-songwriter, Eric Punzo, is no stranger to vulnerability; it’s the catalyst sparking his drive to create.

Being able to feel both the darkness and the light simultaneously is where Eric finds his truth, both in life and in art. His debut single, “Criminal,” exudes this feeling through telling a story of his own introspection.

Colourful, authentic, and honest, “Criminal” was inspired by a time in Eric’s life when he spent a lot of time alone, bailing on plans to lock himself in his room and write a bunch of ‘songs.’ Reflecting on his life and looking towards a better future, this song acknowledges that it is okay to admit your vulnerabilities – this is part of being human.


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