Video Voyageur: 3Qs with G R ^ V E

GR^VE (pronounced ‘grave’) is a newly formed duo composed of Seraph on vocals, and music by Carbon. The pair have come together by what they described as a mutual understanding of our common mortality. Their mission statement is to provide a necessary soundtrack to all who listen to their upcoming multimedia releases of video art and streamable music in a single format. Recently sharing their new single and video for “In Fire,” this starts a whole new unique and notable realm for the group. We had the opportunity to chat with the duo regarding their latest masterpiece, below.

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically?

Seraph: This song is very close to my heart being about fighting the very anxieties that hold us back in all
areas in life but especially in art. We are fed from a very young age that you need to fit in a box to be
deemed of value by society with no real path to that “acceptable” eventuality. This teaches us from a
young age to feel alone. It’s especially true when what is considered acceptable isn’t something that
appeals to you as a person. The systems that made this way of life for generations before us no longer
work. The world is in chaos from the pandemic, climate change, and apathy. We can only muster the
strength to live through this and survive. Pushing through those concerns both external, and more
dangerous, those we feed ourselves is everything. To create something in spite of it is value.
Finding a way to visualize this was cathartic and I hope it resonates with others who feel similarly.

Carbon: I write a lot of instrumental demos to show Seraph, this was one I felt had an experimental side
to it that wasn’t sure would work in the world of singles. But with her voice and lyrical additions, it felt
right to conceptualize an art piece around it, and thus Seraph’s vision for the visuals is a perfect

What was the inspiration behind this video(visuals, storyline, etc.)?

S: As a child I was always terrified of and also drawn to all things horror. The video is meant to invoke
that hazy 80’s horror movie feel. It’s a very direct link between media and self esteem in children and
showing a child hearing those taunts “Don’t try, you’ll never find your place” is a way to get that point
across visually. The chorus is what we see resonating with the child as they sing along. It was important
to show that it isn’t doubts that invoke a reaction, it is the refrain. In spite of the rising horror around
him, the child feels safe knowing that they will be okay. Ultimately that is the point of the song and I
hope it comes across via the video.

C: We’ve had talks about horror films, and what we like about atmospheric horror and the vibe of that
seemed perfect for the video. Seraph really is the responsible party for the entire look and feel of the
visual side of “In Fire”.

What was the process of making this video?

S: Color is another character in this video. All of our videos have been black and white up to this point.
There is a hazy blue palette to the video but if you look closely the shots of the band are in black and
white versus the color of room and the child. It’s a subtle nod as it’s all blue treated but important to our
aesthetic. Creating a black space for the shots with C and I was important so that all of the action was
occurring outside of the band. Utilizing After Effects and color grading software to achieve the effects
was all done in house. We originally filmed the tv sequences with the actor watching a blank screen but
at age 7 it’s hard for a child to sit still and look at nothing so we had to refilm with him watching youtube
and digitally replaced the footage with the media. We used after effects to blacken doorways and walls
to give the room a claustrophobic feel. We used software to add diffuse lighting to give an otherworldlylook to the band. Counting renders it took around 100 hours on the production end to create the video
and very pleased with the outcome.

C: Nothing to add!

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