Today, iconic bass music DJ, producer and label owner SNAILS releases the highly-anticipated second edition of his SLIME TIME EP series. Well known around the world for his unparalleled sound design that combines bass, trap, dubstep and metal, the Montreal native gifts us with three high-octane tracks in SLIME TIME PT. 2 now available on all digital streaming services.

SNAILS unleashed his SLIME TIME EP on the world in March following a year-long hiatus and introspection, which led to an enhanced visual brand heavily inspired by Salvador Dali’s work and a return to his metal-inspired sub-genre that fans dubbed as “Vomitstep.” The 3-track EP included the lead single “FROGKIND” and two other filthy synth-filled releases, “BRAINFARTS” and “GASTROPODZ.” The renowned DJ and SLUGZ MUSIC label head retained all the nasty drops, guttural bass, trap rhythms and grotesque sound design that fans have come to love from SNAILS while also incorporating new, funky elements. The EP was critically acclaimed by the likes of Forbes and FLAUNT Magazine, with the latter hailing SNAILS as “The Bass King.” He also released a music video for “FROGKIND” shortly following the EP, which showcased SNAILS’ new visual aesthetic by incorporating layers of beautiful colors and movie-quality effects to the deranged and repulsive creatures that are the cornerstones of the SNAILS world.

Building on the ID-filled July release of his SLIME TIME VOL. 1 mix which was the #1 most popular mix on, the superstar bass DJ/Producer releases three more songs as part of SLIME TIME PT. 2 featuring the adrenaline-filled hit single “SLIME ZONE,” released in July. The beautifully chaotic track features sirens that roar and electronic voices announcing “you are now entering the Slime Zone,” preparing listeners for the experience that follows. Two new additions come with “PEACE SLUGZ ROCK N ROLL” and “TRAILZ.” The guitar-led, heavy metal-inspired “PEACE SLUGZ ROCK N ROLL” and the robotic and twisted “TRAILZ” showcase Vomitstep to the extreme and SNAILS’ ability to incorporate different genres into his signature sound. As festivals return, including the impending return of his own SLUGGTOPIA at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, be prepared to experience these songs live in all their bass glory. In 2020, SNAILS collaborated with SVDDEN DEATH to release “DEATHMATCH”, which received high accolades from the biggest names in dance music. He also released the music video for “FRONT 2 BACK” with Kill The Noise & Sullivan King and the WORLD OF SLIME remix EP featuring stellar remakes by bass stars Subtronics, Modestep, Blunts & Blondes, and more.


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