Gaming Music legend TheFatRat, popularly known for his immense online following of over 5.6 million YouTube subscribers and extremely popular songs like “Unity,” “Monody (feat. Laura Brehm),” and “Fly Away (feat. Anjulie),” which have over 800 million streams combined, releases his catchy new collaboration, “Our Song.” The chill electronic single features the sultry vocals of singer/songwriter Cecilia Gault, popularly known for the 2019 hit “Love Me Like You Used To” with Kaskade and the Top 10 Billboard Dance Bop “Parallel Lines” with Zookëper. “Our Song” is the fifth song revealed from TheFatRat’s upcoming debut album, PARALLAX, and it is available now on all digital streaming platforms HERE.

“‘Our Song’ is a track that I’m particularly proud of. Emotionally and sonically, it’s very different from anything that I have done before and it opens a door to a new sonic world that I will further explore in the future,” said TheFatRat. “It’s special to me because it’s almost an anti-electro track. Unlike most electronic music, the drums are loose and often off timing. Also there is no Autotune or other pitch correction on the vocals. Everything is rough and natural and still the track sounds unlike anything that I have ever heard before.”

“Our Song” is an electronic-pop ballad with urban yet nostalgic vibes, an 808 bass and Asian influences. It’s an incredibly catchy yet melancholic song that mesmerizes the listener with its use of subdued electronic elements and Cecilia Gault’s sultry vocals. This sets the foundation as Cecilia sings about her longing for her love who went to war. “As seasons come and go,” the anguished singer’s desire to reunite perseveres in hopes that she will be awakened with a kiss from the person she yearns for. She sings about looking in the distance as she sings their song.

TheFatRat and Cecilia Gault have worked together in the past on his 2018 single, “MAYDAY,” which was co-written by Cecilia and performed by Laura Brehm. Often lending her voice and songwriting skills to progressive house anthems, Cecilia Gault has featured on numerous successful tracks, including co-writing and performing Audien’sHigher,” the 2019 hit “Love Me Like You Used To” with Kaskade and the Top 10 Billboard Dance Bop “Parallel Lines” with Zookëper. She has garnered support from the likes of Billboard, DJ Times and SiriusXM.

“‘Our Song’ reveals a vulnerability that was a little scary but was ultimately extremely special for me because of it,” says Gault. “The lyrics and vocals are so raw that there was nowhere to hide.”

TheFatRat has been releasing one song every week from his debut album, PARALLAX, and hosting interactive Discord chats afterwards with collaborators and thousands of fans. “Our Song” is the fifth track the influential Gaming Music artist has unveiled to date. The artwork and lyrics from PARALLAX tell their own cohesive story filled with imaginative characters and fantasy settings that have been referenced in his past projects, with each single sharing new chapters of the story. This lore is a huge interest for his rabid fans, who speculate wildly on online forums about the meaning of each release and guess what’s coming next. 

The album’s first single released July 9th was “Hiding In The Blue” featuring powerful vocals from Dance Pop singer-songwriter RIELL. The opener of his debut album was a continuation of the main character’s story from TheFatRat’s previous songs, “Close To The Sun” and “Stronger.” After experiencing many physical injuries and mental hardships, she retreats herself to her comfort zone and reflects on her past. “Hiding In The Blue” has already accumulated over 8 million streams across platforms, received National radio airplay on SiriusXM BPM, and received favorable reviews by publications like Flaunt Magazine, Pop Culturalist, and EDM Identity.

The album’s second song, “Arcadia,” contrasts with the melancholic mood of the first track of the album as it is filled with cheerful tunes. As RIELL reminisces in “Hiding In The Blue” about Arcadia being a place she once called home, it is no surprise that the track is more light and upbeat. RIELL returns to sing about Arcada being shaken by a war in “Pride & Fear,” the album’s slower-paced third song which demonstrates TheFatRat’s versatility and RIELL’s incredible vocals. The fourth offering, “Upwind,” is about saying goodbye to her love as he embarks on a journey to war and the sense of adventure he feels as he marches forward. “Our Song” picks up as the tranquility of Arcadia has been shaken by war and the partner of the protagonist has left her to fight, leaving her hoping that he will return safely.

Every song on PARALLAX is free to use on social media for creators and source material will be made public, true to TheFatRat’s ongoing tradition of freely dispensing his songs and their stems to help inspire the many dedicated content creators and empower their passionate projects. This forward-thinking approach has led to him having been featured in 25 million YouTube videos from a range of different content creators – accumulating over 30 billion unique views on the platform. Due to the success of these actions, he’s become a leader in the independent music community and an expert on how technology has changed the music business. 

Known for having his music sync-to-screen for many widely popular video games such as Dota 2 and Rocket League, German producer TheFatRat is the flagship musician for video games, tech and gaming culture. He’s the go-to artist for Esports brands like ESL and Dreamhack, and his sound, which Billboard Magazine has coined as “wildly energetic and genre-bending electro,” has earned him a massive legion of highly interactive online fans, over 1.8 billion streams on YouTube and Spotify, and 5.6 million YouTube subscribers.


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