VCAGE Shares Epic New Track “Lobotomy”

VCAGE returns to the music scene with his latest single “Lobotomy”. This single focuses on society’s influence on individuals and the way in which people conform to society’s expectations. It is difficult to run away from toxic relationships, including a relationship between yourself and what others expect out of you. VCAGE expresses frustration and desperation to escape the pressures of life. “Lobotomy” breaks the barrier as it touches on a topic not often challenged. VCAGE is an instrumentalist, producer, and singer/songwriter who dedicates his time to making creative sounds and songs. His return to the music scene stemmed from his passion for producing unique and creative sounds out of many different objects, not just instruments. VCAGE is not afraid to merge genres and instruments together to create a space full of contrasting rhythms and sounds coming together. VCAGE shows his technical knowledge along with his creativity in “Lobotomy” as he follows the common ABA rhythm pattern, ending the song the way it began. 

“Sometimes we feel we live in a certain reality that everyone sees but we are living in the reality of our own thinking”. VCAGE expresses a deep emotion through this single about societal expectations. His voice indicates a strong energy coming from within as he sings about a topic that is prevalent in today’s times. VCAGE brings about the notion that as human beings we are flawed to believe that we must live a certain way in order to fit in. However, VCAGE attempts to remind us that we need to break free from this mindset through the lyrics and production value of “Lobotomy”. His voice transitions smoothly from singing, to rapping, to humming, and sometimes even belting. His ability to transition from one style to another shows his vocal range and capabilities. 

“Lobotomy” is a fuse between folk and country and rock and rap. His instrumentation relates to that of country music as country music typically will have instruments such as a tambourine and acoustic guitars. When VCAGE hums, especially with the fast-paced guitar rhythm, he sounds very much like Ed Sheeran. There is also a big resemblance when he breaks into rap as Ed Sheeran is known for including a few rap verses in his music as well. During his verses, VCAGE hits a higher vocal range that sounds very much like Brendan Urie from Panic! At The Disco. “Lobotomy” touches on many qualities belonging to well-known artists and genres that it is clear why this song is such a great hit. This single is a wake-up call that we all must pay attention to. 

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