4 Minutes Later Share Epic New Single “Grace”

The curious case of 4 Minutes Later began in 2018, when the account tweeted “music coming soon.” No band members, no band images, no shows, no location given, just the promise of music. It wasn’t long before curiosity captured an online audience and #whois4ML trended across the UK, USA and Mexico, before even releasing a song.Over the course of the following year, 4 Minutes Later delivered a series of singles before releasing their self-titled debut EP, all while remaining anonymous. With the cancellation of their 2020 USA headline tour due to COVID-19, 4ML decided to record their debut album.  Haunting and tragic, the emotional first single “Grace” portrays the difficult realities of watching your loved one disappear while battling dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The band will finally break anonymity following the release of “Grace” in order to bond with fans on a new level. 


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