The Stars of Disaster Unveil “One Woman Man”

The Stars of Disaster started playing together in February 2019, in Pittsburgh, but the songs started coming in 2014. Anthony Schiappa had made a go of it as an airline baggage handler in upstate New York, an academic in NYC, and an exile in Scandinavia. After returning to his Steubenville, OH, basement, trying to stave off the terrors of clock-punching and memory, he rediscovered his childhood love of making loud music.

“One Woman Man” is a story about a couple that isn’t going to make it. A lack of trust leads to isolation and heartbreak, despite caring for each other deeply. They go through scary times together, and while that can bring some people closer together, it isn’t always enough. 

New album, In the Trough of the Wave, will be released on June 11, continuing a theme of loneliness; an urgent need to connect and an inability to do so. 


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