Sunshine & the Blue Moon Unleash “Born 2 Boogie”

Sunshine & The Blue Moon capture our collective anxiety from MAGA-era tension by exploring its overwhelming darkness through the same psychedelic grooves that originally sought to overpower that brand of bad vibes with blasts of sonic light. On June 25, they offer bright, joyful voices in the fight against apathy and evil forces on their second full-length album, Born 2 Boogie.

Title track “Born 2 Boogie” crashes and shuffles with sinister-sounding guitars as it slips into a hypnotic groove, as singer Kai Davey-Bellin conjures images of dance halls burning as everyone descends into revelry. 

Born 2 Boogie simultaneously amplifies the good vibes of ‘60s psychedelia while wrestling with the demons that the last few years have re-loosed on the world. “Do as Grandma said: don’t watch the flowers grow,” Davey-Bellin sings on “Born 2 Boogie” over the jangle of tambourine. “There’s time for that when you’re dead.”


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