Vela Rosa Comes Alive with New Release

Vela Rosa’s latest single new album “Run in Colour” encapsulates their sound and vibe fabulously. This Canadian rock and roll band is relatively new to the music scene, but that is in no way evident through their music. Their sound makes it seem like they’ve been doing this their whole lives. Their main influences are classic rock bands from the 70s and grunge rock bands from the 80s and 90s. But because most of the band members are only about 20 years old, there is a small hint of modern alternative rock (we really hear some Arctic Monkeys in there). 

Lead single “All We Need” is a bluesy alt rock banger that serves as an outlet for the guys of Vela Rosa to speak on the counterculture movement of the 1960s, with a modern twist. This song is a commentary on the ostracization of queerness, and a criticism of the people in the world who align their political views with hate. “With a groovy bassline, simple guitar licks, and a smooth, half-time beat to tie it all together,” explains the band, “All We Need” explores the freedom of loving whomever we love without consequence. The bassline is, in fact, super groovy. It ties the song together in a way that a rhythm guitar couldn’t. The chord progressions in general create such a happy, nostalgic feeling, and the bassline adds so much to that positive vibe. The catchy, feel-good chorus definitely helps with that positive vibe, as well. Then, the outro of the song turns to half-time. “We all need someone worth chasing…” desperately repeats the singer over an 8-bar vamp, making the perfect ending to the perfect song. We love the inclusivity of the track, and its message could be as legendary as “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles. We can’t wait to hear what more they have in store!


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