The Ruddy Ruckus Share the Vibrant “Hold On My Love”

Started in 2012, The Ruddy Ruckus has evolved from a small-time singer-songwriter project to a tour de force garage rock phenom. Jackson Dorie, Pat Brown, Giordano Modesto and Rob Brown lay down punk, indie and classic rock-inspired riffs and choruses that sound in line with the band’s name. Midrange, buzzsaw guitars act as a kick to the listener’s teeth, while the deep bass and cracking snare drum make up a groove that cannot be ignored.

Produced by The Dirty Nil’s Luke Bentham, new single, “Hold On My Love,” is baked in a certain brand of folky nostalgia that revisits more innocent times. As the message of the song is to hunker down and wait out the storms that life throws at us, there is a certain romanticism in the idea that things were better or easier in the past.


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