Edouard Landry Unveils Epic New Single “Words”

Edouard Landry’s songs are a mix of pop, rock, folk and catchy melodies. The Sudbury, Ontario artist was nominated for the ‘Best Male Performer’ category at the Gala des prix Trille Or (2017), ‘Francophone Artist of the Year’ at the Country Music Association of Ontario Awards (2020), and his albums Pomme plastique II and L’escalade were nominated ‘Best Album by a Francophone Artist’ at the Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards (2017 and 2019). 

On June 4, Ed will release his first full-length English album, Be Here Now, about finding mindfulness and inner peace to live in the ‘now’ no matter where you are. He reflects on his previous French albums in new single “Words,” which explores the notion that a minority-language artist can operate in relative obscurity, or in a fortress, as the song describes. Ed relates the songwriting process to architecture, in terms of finding new and better ways to let the light in.


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