Amber Liu, Yultron & Kellin Quinn Reveal “No Fear”

“No Fear” is Yultron’s second release from his upcoming project featuring global stars of the East and West. The hybrid electronic / rock track features Kellin Quinn from the band Sleeping with Sirens and pop star Amber Liu from K-pop group f(x). This marks Yultron and Kellin’s second release together, the first being the successful “The Bottom” released on Lowly in 2019. Yultron’s first release from this collection, “Us2” featuring K-pop star Jay Park peaked at #2 on China’s NetEase charts last month. Amber Liu showcases her artistry through her alluring vocals from this latest release, “No Fear” and her first time working with Yultron and Kellin Quinn. The pop star, Liu, just released her solo album “y?” and has been working on numerous collaborations with a variety of global artists in recent months.


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