Kelly McMichael Unveils Gorgeous Single “Stepping Stone”

Kelly McMichael is known for her commanding vocals, classic songwriting, and unique ability to conduct powerful musical forces whether making bedroom beats, rocking a Gibson SG or serenading softly on the piano. She has fronted RENDERS, Thelma & Louise, and The Gloss and Rouge.

Her debut full-length album Waves will be available on May 20, 2021 with co-producer Jake Nicoll (The Burning Hell) at the helm. McMichael’s new single, “Stepping Stone,” marks a transition from electronic based project RENDERS, introducing 60s and 70s classic rock influences with a touch of R&B. She questions how the pursuit of success in the music industry can impact the nature of a relationship, searching for understanding while sifting through themes of ambition, loyalty, and jealousy. 


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