Sandhya Reveals “Innocent Monster”

Innocent Monster is everything you want in an alternative rock album. With influences
from multiple genres of music, poetic lyrics, and powerful storytelling, every track takes you on
a different journey, each one more intriguing than the last. Her narrative structure in lock step
with rhythmic song provokes the listener to hear the lyrics as well as move to the beat. She
compels the listener in, making them relatable with lines like “I hold on by not holding on” in
“All Purpose Lament” and “what is now a trickle, was once a running stream” in “Petting Zoo.”
Sandhya is no stranger to writing. She is an award winning writer and musician. Her first album,
Memoir (2007), was chalk full of story-type songs and the mastermind behind Mobtown Moon, a
nod to Pink Floyd. Innocent Monsters only amplifies her true talent, a philosophical, powerful,
and passionate storyteller with the help of her trusty piano.

You can feel Sandhya’s deep passion for music and storytelling. “Better” is the most
obvious example of this. Jazz is the main influence in this song, but she also ties in some 70’s
pop and some western styles. What makes this song so powerful is the essence of spoken word.
Because there is no obvious hook, she makes you listen to the lyrics and engulfs you in a story of
a girl trying to find better in life. It keeps you listening, so much so that she makes you want to
know what happens next. Where does her future go? Where will her future take her? It’s not
traditional and that’s what makes it so intriguing.

A stark contrast to the poetic form in “Better,” she takes us on a more familiar trail in
“Last Two Standing” which is more reminiscent of a country rock song. She still guides you
through a story, but unlike “Better,” she gives us a more traditional structure with a strong hook
and repetitive form. It has a little bit of a church choir feel with the use of the organ, enhancing
the religious feeling she gives you and narrative lyrics of “won’t you love me like we’re the last
two standing” and “I will always be your soft landing.”

She beautifully intertwined so many musical ingredients in Innocent Monsters, from the
ballads of “Mark Me” and “All Purpose Lament” to the improvisational jazz qualities of “The
Neighbors” and “Innocent.” Jazz, Rock, Country, and 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s pop blend so
effortlessly. It’s playful, new, and sticks with you even after listening. You can’t listen to it once,
you want to listen to it over and over again. You’ll definitely want this on your spotify playlist.


One thought on “Sandhya Reveals “Innocent Monster”

  1. Jane, thank you for this amazing, flattering, on-point review. No other reviewer has connected with the storytelling aspect of my songs better than you. I so appreciate the time you took to listen closely and write so well.

    Again, thank you, and be well!


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